Sunday, July 30, 2006

Back Home

Hi everybody!
I have just returned home from my holidays and checked that no one has contributed to this blog ever since our last lesson with Sharon. Why don't we keep it alive?

Monday, July 10, 2006

My summer school

How nice it was to be outside this morning!

Our group

What an attractive group!!

planning this afternoonl

What are you doing this afternoon after class?
Are you going shopping ...What is the social programmme for this evening ?

Hello funny girls!

I'm here sitting next to Rachel. Everything seems OK but there's a monster near me. It's called Susi.
Bye Rosebuds.


This is for my project partners Altami and Valle. Are we going to work on our supaproject this afternoon?

Hello, girls. Are you going to sign for the disco or for late night shopping? I think it is on Thursday.

A happy person

I must say my dear girls and teachers that I do enjoy being with you.
It is one of the best experiences in my life. I like you some much. Today my landlady said I could go to the seaside - Crome with her, where sha has got a nice summer house. It was very tempting because the weather is perfect and after a tiring weekend which I spent sightseeing or frankly speaking - shopping, I would love to go to the seaside and have a rest. But I have chosen to go to school and see you. I cannot say any more.

With love


Last weekend news

Hi Everyone!!!
I'm really happy to be with you. I enjoy our course vey much.
Last weekend , oh I ejoyed a lot. On Saturday I met my daugher and I spent a very peaceful day. We went shopping, we had a very good lunch and we joined walking tour around Norwich.
On Sunday, with Astra and Magda and some other people from our school we viseted Cambridge. It was realy a nice expierience. Derek is a wanderful tourist guide. I enjoyed his talk about Cambridge and the way he did it. He was really great.
Greatings for all of you

Saturday in London

Astra and I had a marvelous weekend (Saturday) in London hopping on and hopping off the open top tour bus arround London taking lovely photografs mainly of the Big Ben and the Guards in front of the Buckingham Palace. We hopped on and off for 5 hours, so the crouse on the Thame was relaxing except for the two naughty Spanish children and their mother shouting and running around for an hour. Finally we managed to reach the coach and happily "sink" for a short nap on the way home.


On Saturday I was in London. It was exciting. We went on sightseeing tour by Hop in hop off bus. I enjoyed the tour very much because I was for the first time in London. I even touched with my hand Houses of parlament and Big Ben to be really sure that I am here. I took a lot of pictures at the Buckingam Palace where I saw changing guards. The boat tour was at the end of our busy day and we were happy to have a rest. During the travel I did not meet any Latvian person. That's pitty.

half way through

This weekend was really nice...but we are now half way through this course.
I'm sure I am going to miss you when we leave Norwich. You are a great group of people to be with.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Hello happy shoppers!

Hi everyone

Just to say I am joining you in the blog! Talk to you soon!

stop trying worthless diets

Hello girls ! what about eating in england ? well it would be better to say How about not eating ? You want to get slim ? Come on girls , don't try boring diets that never work , just spend a summer in england and you will get as fit as you never dreamt about !

Join us !

A happy ending

Yesterday I spent over an hour on the bus going back home because the driver changed the route. I got really bored!
However, when I eventually got home, my host family drove me to the beach. We went to Gt Yarmouth, walked along the longest beach I had ever been to and saw the Huge Sand Statues people have made on the beach. It' s worth seeing! So go there and have a look before September 10th.


Hello, blog readers!

My name is Altami and I am studying an English course in Norwich, England.

My classmates are writing on this blog, as well, but they are not probably telling the truth, so I shuld make some points clear:

We are 9 wonderful, smart English teachers in a Creativity course, five from Spain, three from Poland and one from Latvia (is it correctly spelt? sorry if it is not, Astra). Well, first of all I should say that our teachers, Sharon and Paul, are very patient with us: teachers are usually horrible students, complaining about everything, talking, being late... except for me , of course, who must make sure that the rest is doing the right thing.

Well, I'll give mor details in my next chapter,



I have come across some new words and expressions. Can you help me with the meaning? Thanks a lot
ATTA (adj)
GROTTO (adj)
A GEEK (noun)

Hello everybody!!!

I'm relly happy to be here with you. I enjoy the weather but I hate left hand side driving, i feel like we're going to crah another car. It's really frightening!


we saw two policemen while doing a Norwich quiz and one police car while going home the same day.
I really enjoy staying here with all of you.

What a day!

First, I realized that I bought for my son a toy - a potty tanker which looked great but now I realize that it is a portable toilet car and makes toilet noises when you press the buttom. Ugh!!!
Then, I wrote a lovely e-mail message to my husband and sent it to ... my parents.
Thank you - that is enough.
Probably I will go to sleep and wake up tomorrow.
See you


Amazing Brits!

Hello boys and girls!
My name is Esther. I' m from a small city in Spain and I want to share with all of you something amazing.
In Spain we' ve got curtains and blinds but here, there are only curtains. So at 5 o'clock every day I get up because the sun is shining.
This is my question, Why dont't we sell blinds to British people?
I know that most of you have got the same problem! Do something, please!

staying at Norwich

Hi ! We're having a very good time in Norwich. the weather is fine , and we are practising our English quite a lot. We are enrolled at Bell centre school and all I can say at the moment is that everyone around here is so Kind !
Norwich is a good place to visit .


  • As a culture shock I find strange not having seen so far even one policeman or policewoman in the streets in Norwich. (I've been here for 4 days)
  • Why is coffee so clear?
  • Why are there so many people well past retiring age who are still working full time?

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Welcome to Norwich

The weather's great and I hope you will enjoy contributing to your blog to make a beautiful record of your time here. Have fun!